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You'll never have to worry about keeping classes fresh and exciting again with the Fitness Factory Network. With two different class formats, you can offer students a gym that fits their needs better than ever before! The network was designed by experts in fitness education for those who want an unparalleled experience teaching at your location or one near them—spending less time preparing while seeing results faster available 24/7 through our website's online portal.

Add innovation to your class plan

Receive monthly Fitness Factory exclusive music and routines, plus warm ups and cooldowns to lead a perfectly synced class from start to finish. The music is reverse-engineered to match your moves - it'll never get boring!

Get music, moves, & more

Receive content that will help you get the most out of your workout.

track progressions & modifications

Inclusive of all fitness levels and open to a larger student community.

The Ultimate Memorization System

Teach your moves faster and with more ease by learning new material before you start teaching.


Fitness Factory provides you with a customizable course, instructor page and classes posted on our platform.

  • creating playlists of songs with the same general topic
  • Review your full class from start to finish
  • cut down on the number of minutes in order for them be more efficient and effective

build and grow with your needs - Fitness Factory

No WiFi? No problem with the Fitness Factory mobile app. Now you can play your music and video playlist during class even when there's no cellular data or internet connection!

Reach your goals faster with our support

Joining the Fitness Factory Network is optional, but we highly encourage you to do so. The ongoing support and tools that will come with your membership are sure make it easy for you consistently provide a safe workout environment while preserving an amazing experience like no other!

  • License to Teach Fitness Factory Classes
  • New Routines every month + exclusive music
  • Music + Routines for Warm Ups
  • Proprietary Ultimate Memorization System
  • Classes Listed on
  • Marketing Platform
  • Music + Routines for Cooldowns

We will provide you with customized marketing materials, like business cards and flyers. You can also get social media content so that your current followers or potential new ones are engaged!

Post your classes, schedule and contact information on so students in your area know where they can find you!

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