About the Class

Fitness Factory is a fitness program that combines body weight, muscle conditioning and cardio training moves. The music in this video was specifically designed to match every single move of these exercises so you can make it through all 50 reps with ease! It won't be long before STRONGLY coordinating yourself has become second nature for your workout routine too; from squats or lunges-to even burpees -the beat will drive each movement forward as if on its own accord.

There is no better place to get fit than at Fitness Factory. You’ll be burning calories while toning up all of your muscles in each class, with plyometric moves like high knees and burpees mixed into the mix for an even greater workout! And since instructors change up their music often so you never know what's coming next, it'll keep things interesting throughout your entire membership here at this great studio!

Forget your limits

Tone your muscles with fun workouts

Tone your abs, legs and arms as you squat- this is a total body workout! Fitness Factory will have you looking strong.

Maximize your burn rates

The harder you work out, the higher your caloric burn. Combine this with muscle conditioning and post-workout nutrition to maximize gains for a pumps-focused routine!

Core training for better balance.

The core muscles will be forced to work harder than ever with floor exercises. The 29 muscle groups that make up your six pack won't know what hit them!


A Fitness Factory's classes are a high-energy workout, and as part of your sweat session you'll hit the floor for some intense core exercises. To prepare:

Trainer Tennis Shoes



Exercise Mat

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