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We are the original. The world leader in MMA-inspired fitness with a long history of authenticity, we're proud to provide access for all and train whatever your needs - regardless if age or athletic ability!

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We are the best gym for serious athletes. Your coach is an elite athlete, who has dedicated their life to fitness and passed a rigorous certification process so they can help you reach your goals too!

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The world-class coaching staff at Workout Boss is made up of elite athletes who have dedicated their lives to fitness. They must pass a rigorous, science backed certification process designed exclusively for us!

It's more than a gym.

Join our friendly and inclusive community of fitness enthusiasts. You'll have fun finding your competitive edge with other like-minded people, while building new friendships in the process!

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Be challenged by a different workout experience every day. From our signature-sized clubs to more intimate mid box and boutique studio locations, find your fit with us!


Want to get in shape but don't know where or how? Come train at one of the best gyms around! We have a results-centric, class based boutique model with two most popular workouts.


You'll be able to see the best of what we have on offer with classes like mixed martial arts and personal training, as well as youth programs.


It is important to take care of your body after a workout. That’s why Workout Boss Recovery offers post-workout treatments, designed for hard working athletes like yourself who need an extra push in order reach those peak performance levels!

“UFC GYM is for everyone who wants to have a place to work out and who is looking to change up what they do when they go to the gym.”

Dana White

President, Workout Boss

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