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Dr. Stephen Joyner

We want to be your partner in health, offering great chiropractic care and helping you lead a healthy life.

About Dr. Stephen Joyner

Spinal Care Medical is a great place to go if you want pain relief for many conditions. Dr. Stephen Joyner, one of the best chiropractors in Moorpark and someone who's committed towards providing healthier living through his practice dedication will be able help get your life back on track! You can check out what real patients have said about us by visiting our testimonials page- no doubt they'll tell all sorts stories why this office deserves recognition as being among some very fine medical facilities offering top notch service at affordable prices that any family could afford.

At Spinal Care Medical, Dr. Stephen Joyner provides quality chiropractor care to his patients and received the 2011 Hall of Fame Award from World Martial Arts Magazine for Health & Fitness! If you suffer back pain or neck injuries due to car accidents, sciatica attacks which cause leg pains in addition headache then come see us at Spinal Care Medical today so we can get YOU on YOUR ROAD TO HEALTHY !

Spinal Care Medical is an office that focuses on providing the best care through modern chiropractor techniques and technology. Dr. Stephen Joyner has a genuine concern for your well-being, so give us call today!

Come see us today at 805-531-5863 for your chance to get on the path towards better health!

testimonials from happy customers

I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors when my husband hurt his back, but Dr. Joyner is the best one! He told us that 3-4 visits would be enough for relief and he was right. My hubby feels great now after only 2 sessions with him!!! His staff are also very friendly which makes things even better.

Marie Brown

Dr. Joyner's office has been a lifesaver for me! I had sciatica pain after having my 3rd child, bad headaches and daughter also got terrible back pains that we could not figure out what was wrong with her until Dr. Joyner took xrays of our spine which showed where all this trouble started from!!! Now they are comfortable again thanks to him!!

Rachel Rordriquez

Dr. Joyner is the best! When me or my husband need him, he's there for us no matter what and that includes making sure everything in your treatment process goes smoothly before you leave his office. Friendly staff members who will help with whatever comes up along any part of it too.

Robert charles

Great place to visit, the staff is very helpful and has all your needs taken care of. They offer massage therapy as well chiropractic treatment with Dr. Joyner who will work closely on any condition you may have had before coming here!

Ron Denver

I have never been to Dr. Stephen Joyner for an adjustment, but I've had many massages there. One thing is that they offer great services and help people in need- especially athletes.

Hailey Morton

I had no insurance and Dr. Stephen Joyner took the time to explain everything in detail, even calling me back on his cellphone when I needed more help! He's an amazing person who really cares about their patients' wellbeing.

Kim stewart

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