ProAdjuster Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments are typically performed without the use of "twisting or popping."

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ProAdjuster Chiropractic in California at Dr. Robinson's Chiropractic Clinic

With advances in both computers and engineering technologies, chiropractors have been able to create a way of treating patients that was never thought possible. The human body is capable of doing more than it ever has before. With the help from chiropractic care and other techniques, we can match our demands on different parts within your spine so that you may live a pain-free life with peak performance levels in every area! It's time to take control of your life and make it something extraordinary!

Adjustments with the ProAdjuster

Isn't that incredible? The same technology used by NASA engineers to check the integrity of ceramic cooling tiles in space has been applied here on Earth for an entirely different purpose. A light force is introduced into one vertebra, which reflects back as if it were being pushed from behind—measuring how much this particular area wants to move forward or backward before reflecting elsewhere where you can rest assured knowing everything will be monitored carefully.

With the ProAdjuster, you’ll never have to worry about “flinching. The instrument responds and registers information faster than your body can react- giving an accurate picture of rigidity or fluidity in each vertebrae!

ProAdjuster Results

Our doctors will engage in a one-on -one conversation with you and determine the possible causes for your problem, then customize an adjustment or treatment procedure accordingly.

The ProAdjuster is a chiropractic computerized analysis that pinpoints the problem areas so you can be treated more effectively. You'll see your doctor's findings on an easy-to-follow map, making it easier than ever before for them to find what needs fixing!

The ProAdjuster is a revolutionary new device that helps adjust your spine so it can be more aligned. It does this by applying resonant force impulses precisely to the affected areas and relieving pressure on nerves, allowing them heal while restoring nerve function! The results of your adjustment are going to be more detailed than you ever could have imagined. Your doctor will take readings after the procedure with ProAdjuster in order to see how it has changed, and analyze those changes for future adjustments!

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