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We started as a small two-person operation and have grown to employ more than 50 full time employees allowing them the opportunity for success. Our partners are experienced with customer service skills who make you feel like part of our family, come talk about your future today at Rocca-Smith Finance Co.

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Rocca-Smith Finance Co. team of accountants and tax professionals are dedicated to helping businesses succeed.

We are the best at what we do. Our family of CPAs, auditors and accountants is tempered with experience that has been built on a solid foundation by educated employees who have all your tax needs covered as well as business consulting services available for any size company.

Jeanne Alister

Tax Manager

Jeanne Alister's career at Rocca-Smith Finance Co. has been a journey since she first joined the company in 2008 as an accountant.

Airah Garcia

Tax Specialist

In 2021, Airah joined Rocca-Smith Finance Co., she has a Bachelor of Business Administration with finance specialization.

Michell Jones

Staff Accountant I

Michell Jones is a Staff Accountant at Rocca-Smith Finance Co., and he's been with the company since January 2016.